Our Pricing


$18.00 – $23.00 per visit ** (30min. Visits)*price change *

** $$ depending on location. Inquire at booking.

*Up to 3 pets no extra charge. $5.00 per extra pet 

*( If multiple dogs have to be walked separately, there will be an extra fee of $6 each visit per dog.)

*If you prefer to have your night visit past 9pm there will be a $ 10 fee added.


  • Feed, Water and Yummy Treats (parent approved)
  • Accident clean up
  • Exercise & Play time
  • Walk/ Potty Break
  • Bring in Mail/Newspaper/Packages (per request)
  • Water plants/flowers (Per Request)
  • Poop Clean up (incurred during visit)
  • Take/Roll out Trash to the Curb (per Request)
  • Administering Medication (per request)
  • Report Card or Updates via phone,text, or email. ( at least 1 per day) 

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