About Us:

Hello my name is Katie Chambers.  I am the Owner and Founder (since April 2012) of Little Bandits Pet Care Services.  I am married to a Wonderful man Michael and we had 2 dachshunds Bandit and Zia. Unfortunately Bandit passed away from cancer in September of 2016. He is dearly missed.

I started Little Bandits Pet Care Services after many years of working in the mundane 9-5 corporate world.  Every day I would struggle to go to work and just think to myself and out LOUD, “I wish I could just work with animals all day!!” 

Well I made my wish come true. 

After several years of pet sitting for friends and family, I turned one of my passions into a professional business.  I have always been around all sorts of animals my whole life.  As a child I would love to go to my grandfathers farm.  We would ride horses; play with goats, chickens, dogs and cats.  The farm was also the place, where I met and fell in love with my first dog of 17 years.

 I enjoy being able to provide a service that keeps your pets happy and at home where they are most comfortable while you are away.

 My goal is to provide quality care and T.L.C. to your pets when you can’t be there.